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The Exhibition Centre
The Bologna Exhibition Centre extends over 375,000 m2 of covered and outdoors areas.
Its total services area is 36,000 m2. Its 18 halls are completely wired, air-conditioned and equipped with IT systems, and multiple events can be held simultaneously thanks to 5 separate entrances.
Flexibility and mobility indoors are ensured by a network of moving walkways and by a parking system with 14,500 covered parking spaces that can be reserved in advance. 
BolognaFiere is the first exhibition centre with its own motorway tollbooth, part of a plan - along with a dynamic third lane - that aims to reduce congestion by providing entrance directly to the Fair, thereby avoiding the ring road.
If you travel by helicopter, a heliport is located on the roof of Halls 16-18.
A "BolognaFiere" railway station handles special trains for exhibitions with the highest attendance.
BolognaFiere in numbers.
375,000 m2 of total surface area
14,500 parking spaces
28 exhibitions every year on average
13,337 (4,828 from abroad) - 2011 exhibitors
separate entrances
1,715,304 - 2011 trade visitors

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